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The first stage of the Chinese Super League is over, and the FIFA Week in October will follow. Due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, global football matches have been compressed. The FIFA game week in October is very close to the start of the second stage of the Chinese Super League. Dalian's Hamsik has returned to Europe, and Long Dong has a high probability of returning to China to participate in the World Preliminaries. If the two major foreign players are absent at the same time, what should the Dalianers do in the second stage of the game?

中国超级联赛的第一阶段已经结束,十月份的FIFA周将紧随其后。由于新的冠状肺炎流行的影响,全球足球比赛被压缩了。 10月的FIFA游戏周非常接近中国超级联赛第二阶段的开始。大连的Hamsik已返回欧洲,而龙洞很可能返回中国参加世界预赛。如果两个主要的外国球员同时缺席,那么大连人在比赛的第二阶段应该怎么做?

Hamsik has returned to Europe and will represent the Slovak national team. Hamsik has been criticized for two seasons since joining the Dalian native, and his performance is far below the expectations of the outside world. Hamsik played all 14 starts this season, played 12 full court times, accumulated playing time of 1,254 minutes, scored 2 goals and contributed 1 assist. Last season, Hamsik started all 28 games for Dalian Yifang, with a cumulative playing time of 2,478 minutes, scoring 2 goals and contributing 4 assists.


Hamsik has long been famous in the European arena, but after coming to China, he was unable to fully integrate into the team due to mentality issues. Despite this, there are not many players available in the central midfielder position of the Dalian native. Zhao Xuri is difficult to support the audience due to age issues, Cui Mingan is unbearable to reuse, Wu Wei is inexperienced in the Super League, and Cheng Hui and Zhu Jiaxuan barely appear in the U23. opportunity. Although Hamsik did not show any superior strength in the Super League, once the Dalian players really lack the Slovaks, the combing of the midfield is bound to decline.


Long Dong was recruited by the Venezuelan Football Association. He may represent the Venezuelan national team in the upcoming World Cup South American qualifiers. However, the Dalian Football Association and the Venezuelan Football Association have begun a "grabbing battle." The Dalian People’s Professional Club is communicating with Longdong and the Venezuelan Football Association. The Dalian People hope that Longdong will stay in the team to help the team compete in the Super League, while the Venezuelan Football Association expects the team's top scorer to be the top scorer.


Long Dong is Dalian's top scorer this season, starting all 14 league matches, playing full court 13 times, playing 1255 minutes, scoring 9 goals and contributing 5 assists. The Dalian people scored 18 goals in the first stage of the league, and Long Dong alone arranged half of the goals. Xia Chuang Longdong joined last season and scored 5 goals and 3 assists in 11 games (7 starts and 756 minutes played). This season, Long Dong broke out completely and became the indispensable number one star of Dalian people on the front line.


In the September window increase, the Dalian native introduced Brazilian midfielder Jailson from Fenerbahçe. As a result, the Dalian native currently has 6 foreign aids, including Longdong, Hamsik, Larson, Danielson, Boateng, and Jailson. According to the Chinese Super League’s foreign aid regulations, Dalianians still have 1 foreign aid quota available, but there is no latest news so far. According to the policy of Note 6 and 5 on 4, Dalian people do not need to cancel foreign aid registration, but at least one person cannot register in the first team of the Super League.


Judging from the current situation, it is very unlikely that Larson, Danielson, and Boateng will withdraw their registration, and Hamsik and Longdong have become popular. Unless Long Dong returns to the Venezuelan national team to play, the love of this Benitez will definitely not withdraw his registration. Hamsik is most likely to be cancelled. First, the position of the new aid Jailson overlaps with him. Second, it is a foregone conclusion that he will return to China for the competition. Third, his role in the team is not obvious.

从目前的情况来看,拉尔森,丹尼尔森和博阿滕不太可能撤消他们的注册,哈姆西克和隆东也很受欢迎。除非龙东回到委内瑞拉国家队参加比赛,否则对贝尼特斯的热爱绝对不会撤回他的注册。 Hamsik最有可能被取消。首先,新援助监狱的位置与他重叠。第二,他将返回中国参加比赛已成定局。第三,他在团队中的作用并不明显。

According to the schedule, Slovakia will end this stage of the game on October 11, and Venezuela will finish on October 13. The second stage of the Chinese Super League will be restarted on October 16. Dalian’s first match against Shijiazhuang Yongchang is on October 17. According to common sense, Hamsik and Longdong can theoretically catch up with the Super League. However, due to the special period of the epidemic, returning to China from abroad requires isolation. From the point of view of time, Hamsik missed at least two rounds with Shijiazhuang Yongchang, and Long Dong could catch up with the second round of the relegation group the fastest.


If the Dalian people can defeat Shijiazhuang Yongchang in the first round of the relegation group and land successfully, then everything is OK. If the Dalian people make a mistake, they will face the loser between Shenzhen Kaisa and Tianjin Teda in the second round of the relegation group. In the absence of foreign aid, it will be quite difficult for the Dalian people to win.


The second stage of the Chinese Super League will end on November 12. Even worse, there will be FIFA game week in November. Venezuela will play from November 12th to 17th, and Slovakia will play from November 14th to 17th. It is of course good for the Dalian people to complete their goals in the first two rounds of the relegation group. Once they get 15th in the Chinese Super League, they will participate in the two-round play-offs with the 2nd place in the Chinese Premier League. Then the two foreign players will be more difficult to participate because of the play-offs. The time is November 18th and 22nd, which is too close to the end of FIFA game week.


If Hamsik and Long Dong both return to China to participate in the national team competition, the impact on Dalian people will be fatal. If only Hamsik returned to China to play, the situation of Dalian people would be better. After all, Jairsen could fill the vacancy, although the two players' styles and styles亚搏彩票app官网 are completely different. But without Longdong, Dalian's goal has become a major problem, because Boateng has never fully recovered from his injury, and Larsson has always been a guest second striker. Once Dalian's striker is tight, it is not ruled out that the young player Zhao Jianbo will be used or Lin Liangming will be pushed to the striker.

如果Hamsik和Long Dong都回到中国参加国家队比赛,对大连人民的影响将是致命的。如果只有哈姆西克回到中国比赛,大连人的处境亚搏彩票app官网会更好。毕竟,尽管两个球员的风格和风格完全不同,但贾尔森可以填补空缺。但是没有龙洞,大连的进球就成了一个大问题,因为博阿滕从未从伤病中完全康复,拉尔森一直是客串第二前锋。一旦大连的前锋紧绷,不排除将聘用年轻球员赵建波或将林良明推向前锋。

Whether Long Dong will return to China to participate in the World Preliminaries, the answer will be announced soon. Whether Longdong stays in the team or not, maybe the Dalian Professional Club has already made all the preparations. To


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