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Good morning, everyone, and welcome to the Mingqiu Di Zaobao on October 2nd.


The results of the 2020-21 UEFA Champions League group stage draw are announced. Juventus and Barcelona are in Group G. Ronaldo and Messi’s first encounter in the UEFA Champions League group stage is undoubtedly the biggest highlight of the group stage this season. Paris, Manchester United, RB Leipzig and Istanbul form the dead group.


In the UEFA awards of the year, Lewand was elected UEFA Player of the Year by absolute advantage, and he was also elected as the best striker of the Champions League season.


In the games that ended early this morning, Tottenham won 7-2 to qualify for the Europa League, while AC Milan was shortlisted through 12 penalty shootouts. In the League Cup, Arsenal eliminated Liverpool through a penalty kick, while Barcelona beat Celta 3-0 in La Liga.


Please see the details below.


On the evening of October 1, Beijing time, the draw ceremony of the 2020-21 UEFA Champions League group stage was held in Geneva, Switzerland. In the end, Juventus Barça shared a group of achievements in the group match of Merro. The group H consisted of Paris, Manchester United, Leipzig and Istanbul. The group of death.

北京时间10月1日晚,2020-21年欧洲冠军联赛小组赛抽签仪式在瑞士日内瓦举行。最后,尤文图斯·巴萨(JuventusBarça)在梅罗(Merro)小组赛中分享了一组成就。 H组由巴黎,曼联,莱比锡和伊斯坦布尔组成。一群死亡。

On October 1, Beijing time, UEFA announced the best player of last season, Bayern striker Lewandowski was successfully elected.


At 3:30 on October 2, Beijing time, in the fourth round of La Liga, Barcelona challenged Celta away. In the first half, Fati helped the team lead, Griezmann's volley was high, Aspers' free kick was blocked, Langley received the second yellow card and was sent off. In the second half, Messi broke through and caused Olaza to have an own goal. Then Messi scored a goal 亚搏在线官网and was sentenced to offside. At the last moment, Roberto secured the victory. In the end, Barcelona beat Celta 3-0 away.


At 02:45 on October 2nd, Beijing time, the English League Cup 1/8 finals continued, and Liverpool played against Arsenal at home. In the first half, Ruota's header was slammed and Nanno Takumi followed up and hit the crossbar with a supplementary shot. Enkatia missed the opportunity. In the second half, Leno was like a god-assisted dedication repeatedly to protect the gates. In the penalty shootout, Leno bravely saved the penalty kicks by Origi and Harry Wilson. In the end, Arsenal took a 5-4 penalty shootout to revenge Liverpool to advance to the quarterfinals of the League Cup.

北京时间10月2日02:45,英格兰联赛杯1/8决赛继续进行,利物浦主场对阵阿森纳。在上半场,Ruota的头球被猛击,Nanno Takumi跟进并以补充射门击中横梁。 Enkatia错过了机会。在下半场,雷诺像神一样反复奉献保护着大门。在点球大战中,莱诺勇敢地挽救了Origi和Harry Wilson的点球。最后,阿森纳以5-4的点球大战报复利物浦,晋级联赛杯八强。

At 3:00 on October 2nd, Beijing time, in the final round of the Europa League qualifying round, Serie A giants AC Milan went away to challenge the Portuguese Super League team Avi. In the first half, Milan dominated the scene, but did not hit the goal frame. The two sides temporarily drew 0-0; in the second half, Salle Markles broke the deadlock on the field, Geraldez equalized the score, and both sides in regular time It was 1-1; at the beginning of overtime, Gersson overtook the score. In the last minute of overtime, Borevkovic sent a handball, Charhanoglu made a free throw and dragged the game into a penalty. Penalties went through 12 rounds of fierce battle, and finally Milan eliminated Avi 9-8 and successfully qualified for the Europa League.


At 3:00 on October 2nd, Beijing time, in the Europa League play-offs, Spurs played against Maccabi Haifa at home. In the first half, Davis assisted Kane to score the goal, Loselso's powerful shot missed, Cheri's long shot equalized the score, Lucas Jr. scored a header and Loselso scored two goals. In the second half, Lukavicia scored a penalty kick, Kane shot to expand the score, then Belwyn assisted Kane to wear a cap, Ali scored another goal, and finally, Tottenham beat Maccabi Haifa 7-2.

北京时间10月2日3:00,在欧洲联赛附加赛中,马刺主场对阵海法马卡比。在上半场,戴维斯(Davis)协助凯恩(Kane)进球,洛塞尔索(Loselso)的强力射门未中,谢里(Cheri)的远射使得分相等,小卢卡斯(Lucas Jr.)取得了头球,洛塞尔索(Loselso)取得了两个进球。下半场,卢卡维西亚踢出一个点球,凯恩射门扩大比分,然后贝尔温协助凯恩戴上帽子,阿里打入另一个进球,最后,托特纳姆热刺7-2击败马卡比·海法。

The 48 teams participating in the 2020-21 Europa League are officially formed. The Europa League group match draw will be held at 19:00 Beijing time tonight.


Barcelona officially announced that Ajax right-back Deste joined the team. He signed a 5-year contract with Barcelona and the termination fee was 400 million euros. He will wear the number 2 jersey. Ajax officially stated that the cost of Durst’s transfer to Barcelona was 21.23 million euros, plus floating terms, the total amount reached 26.23 million euros.


Sakai Hiroki issued a statement about the suspected use of Chinese words against Neymar, saying that no one said anything discriminatory to him.


In the ongoing UEFA Champions League group stage draw for the new season, the seeded team Juventus and the second-tier team Barcelona are placed in Group G. This is the first time that Ronaldo and Messi’s team have been placed in the same group in the Champions League. It was also the first time Melo met in the Champions League group stage.


AC Milan officially announced the permanent signing of Jens-Pitt-Hayug from Bodo Grint Football Club.

AC米兰正式宣布Bodo Grint足球俱乐部永久签约Jens-Pitt-Hayug。

Sky Sports sources said that if Manchester United can’t sign Sancho, Osman Dembele will become one of Manchester United’s four alternatives. Apart from this player, Manchester United is also interested in signing Sal and Jovic And Cavani.


The French team announced a large list of preparations for the UEFA Europa League. Pogba was selected after recovering from the new crown, led by Griezmann and Mbappé.


England announced a large list of preparations for the European League, led by Kane and Sterling, and Maguire was selected.


The Portuguese national team announced the latest squad, with Cristiano Ronaldo, Dias and Fernandez selected.


The Japanese national team announced the latest big list. The 25 players worth mentioning are all from the European League, which also set a new history.


Shanghai Greenland Shenhua officially announced that Ecuadorian striker Bolaños has joined the team.


On October 1, Beijing time, Tianjin TEDA officially announced that Porto striker Ticino Suarez has joined. At the same time TEDA also officially announced that the team has loaned Shenhua teenager Jiang Shenglong.


On October 1, Beijing time, Shenhua officially announced that Ecuadorian player Miller Bolaños officially joined the team. In response to the concern of the outside world about the registration of foreign aid in the Shenhua Club, the club news officer Ma Yue explained.


On October 1, Beijing time, Sun Jihai, a famous Chinese football player and亚搏在线官网 chairman of the Xinjiang Autonomous Region Football Association, posted a social media update, revealing that the selection of Xinjiang U13 was completed before the holiday.


On October 1, Beijing time, Shandong Luneng Taishan officially announced: Junior generals Zhao Jianfei and Liu Chaoyang joined Shijiazhuang Yongchang on loan.

on October 1, Beijing time, S撼动LUN Eng Tai山officially announced: junior generals Zhao J Ian菲and l IU C好样joined Shijiazhuang yo妳个场哦你loan.

On October 2, Bayern striker Lewandowski won UEFA Player of the Year. After winning the award, the reporter also asked him some questions about Messi and Ronaldo.


In an interview, Lucas Hernandez responded to the rumors that Mbappé was trying to persuade him to move to Paris Saint-Germain. He emphasized that he had never thought about leaving Bayern Munich.

在一次采访中,卢卡斯·埃尔南德斯(Lucas Hernandez)回应了有关姆巴佩(Mbappé)试图说服他移居巴黎圣日耳曼的传闻。他强调说,他从未想过离开拜仁慕尼黑。

Semedo has joined the Wolves from Barcelona. In an interview recently, he talked about his old club Barcelona and former captain Messi.


03:00 Paris Saint Germain vs Angers


19:30 Premier League Chelsea vs Crystal Palace


21:30 Dortmund vs Freiburg


22:00 La Liga Atletico Madrid vs Villarreal


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